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Random Hookups Vol.1

July 16th 2018

Section: Boy Girl - Scene Stars: Andy X, seth gamble, Penny Pax, Alex Legend

It's true I can't help myself! I need some dicks to play with all the time! Thankfully with my job I get plenty of action already! Is it enough?  unfortunately not! I always need more and lucky me I got a bunch of guys I know who never say no when I need to be fucked like a whore... Enjoy! ;-)
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Slave Loyalty Test

July 12th 2018

Section: Fetish - Scene Stars: Penny Pax

I bet you are wondering right now why you are tied up and in the trunk of a car right now. Take your time while we travel to our destination to really think long and hard about why you might possibly be in the situation you are in currently. Besides all of that I do have a few more bones to pick with you and your "service". It has been slacking quite a bit. This is part of the reason why I am bringing you in today. Do I need to remind you what your place is in my life? You are a slave. A servant. You do whatever I want, when I want, and to the best of your human ability. If you forget this then you can absolutely forget about ever seeing me or my perfect body again. Your only reward for being my slave is getting to be around me, and you are supposed to only serve me... does this ring any bells? Jog any memories? Fine. Pretend to have no idea what I am talking about. I will take you out of the trunk and let you do your duties to give you more time to think before I just punish you for being a shady sneaky unfaithful slave. That's right. I know everything.
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Taking Tyler Nixon

July 9th 2018

Section: Boy Girl - Scene Stars: Tyler Nixon, Penny Pax

I haven't seen or worked with Tyler Nixon in years. Nice guy, kind of shy but super professional which I can totally appreciate. I just recently ran into him at a recent house party for a mutual friend of ours in the adult industry. I don't know what came over me but I just needed his dick. I literally waited for him to go to the bathroom like a total creep and followed him in! I got right to the point, down on my knees and open his pants to unveil what I wanted so badly in my mouth. Its just like a remember from years ago, fits perfectly in my mouth as I try to fit the whole cock in my mouth. I choke myself on his shaft to show him how I want him to fuck my face. I want him to use my mouth hole for fucking and not stop until he unloads in my mouth. He is just too nice though, I need more! I get up off my knees and drag him into the bedroom next to the bathroom, I have to feel his cock inside of me. I get on the bed and beg him to take me in every position until he comes. He fucks my pussy from behind in doggy and also turns me over to fuck me in missionary too so I look at his face while he plows me. I have to have a taste of his load and I make him tell me when to get down on my knees to swallow it all. Not a bad party after all.
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Meet my big black boyfriend & back off already

July 5th 2018

Section: Solo - Scene Stars: Penny Pax

I know we have been friends for years now & I always thought I knew you but now I am not so sure... A few days ago you met my boyfriend for the first time and ever since you have been acting so strange. Are you like into him or something? I feel like you were like undressing him with your eyes or like staring at his dick... I knew you liked cock but this one is mine! Stay the fuck away from my man!! How can I make this clear? What do I need to do to get this through your thick skull? I know what you are thinking, and no absolutely not am I letting you touch it! You are out of your fucking mind! First of all he isn't gay, second of all why would he agree to that? Finally... what is in that for me?? Will you actually chill out? Look, I know he is the perfect man and I can't blame you for wanting him but we can't be friends anymore if you continue to be like this. Wait, I have an idea that might just work out for the both of us.. but you have to promise if I do this for you that you understand that this is a one time thing that will never happen again. I am strictly doing this to get you off my back and freaking out my man.
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